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Human Resources Consultancy Services

Solve Your People Problems. Heighten Performance.

Omni consultants act as fractional HR consultancy service providers for companies that are not large enough to hire a full-time position or need a little extra assistance with dicey or unusual situations.

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Don’t Wait For A Crisis

Our senior HR consultants provide on-demand advice and support (just a phone call away) and seasoned guidance to small businesses. We also execute specific projects that align with your business and your plans.

We know that as your company grows, your needs will shift and change, so as a HR company for small businesses, we’re here at any time to provide HR consultancy services to you.

A Bit About Our Human Resource Consultancy Services

Hire Right. Effortlessly.

  • Recruitment and talent acquisition (One of our most commonly requested services)
  • Effective on-boarding

Driving Your Culture

  • HR advice and sounding board
  • Organizational structure
  • Customized employee handbooks
  • Compensation reviews
  • Retention strategies
  • Team surveys
  • Workplace investigations

Set Your Team Up for Success

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Get The Team Moving in the Same Direction – HR Consultancy

Our HR services for small business work hand in hand with your overall business strategy, ensuring that employee performance is aligned with your organization’s performance metrics.

Check out our Client Success page to see specific examples of our work.

Testimonial 1

I strongly recommend Omni Management Consulting Group to any small business that needs a little help clarifying your goals and financials and never seems to have the "time" to do it. You will not regret it!

Ruby Cole-Ellis

Testimonial 2

You guys have done such a great job for us over the years. You've essentially worked yourselves out of a job because we don’t need you as much anymore.

Ron Brown

Testimonial 3

You guys have been great. Our values and the way we work very much align.
We want to have a long-term relationship with Omni.

Matthew Pike

Testimonial 4

It’s amazing how much this project has accomplished in such a short time.
I’m really enjoying working with the Omni team!


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